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Halal Catering Services (Buffet style)
Halal Canapé Menu

Corporate Package / Event (Individual Packed)

Are you getting bored of eating the same food from the cafeteria every single day? Or maybe you’re just looking for delicious yet healthy food catering to impress your team and clients? Well, look no further! At GoClean, we have been committed to bringing you and your team a fulfilling meal experience whether it’s for a meeting, event, conference or a wellness day.


We strive to provide healthy and nutritious foods using only fresh quality ingredients, to satisfy your taste buds & honour your team’s hard work.


Why choose GoClean?

  • Healthy

  • Hygienic

  • Variety of meal selections from over 300 menu databases

  • Practical SOPs

  • Talented chefs with 15 years of experience

  • Satisfaction guaranteed


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Package starts from 5 packs! Free delivery.

All Time Favourite Bento Menu & More...

Our Clients:

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