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Ever wondered what it’s like to have your own nutritionist, personal trainer and professional chef to curate your meal plans? Go Clean makes that dream come true with not only a healthy alternative but also a portion-controlled meal to get you a step closer to your fitness goals.

The way we prepare our meals :

Protein : We use quality protein source such as chicken breast, salmon, dory, mahi-mahi, mackerel & etc. All the ingredients are definitely good or you to boost up your metabolism and build muscle.

Carbs : As complex as it is! Complex carbs take much longer to break down than simple carbs. This helps keep blood sugar levels steady; sustained energy and help you feel full for longer.

Fats : Good fats to fight bad fats in our body! Lowering LDL and increase good HDL (cholesterol). Beside that, it also optimum nerve, brain and heart function & etc.

Ala-carte order FAQ

What is the Cut-off time?
Our cut-off time is 9am in the morning. So if you'd like to order for today's lunch, your order must be made before 9am in the morning.

How to know order is confirmed?
Our confirmation email will be sent 2 hours later after your orders.

How to trace the delivery?
Whatsapp direct link to check delivery status: WHATSAPP. Food usually will reached your place before 1230pm.

Do you change menu?
Yupe, we change our menu everyday! Please do suggest us your favourite dishes and we will create for you!

Can i change my order?
You can change your order by re-submit a new order, and please do inform us in advanced.



Can we keep the meals overnight?

GoClean meals are freshly made in the morning/evening. So, we won't suggest to keep it overnight. Please consume it in immediately after received.

Can we customise our meal?

We are sorry that we can't do any customization to the food unless it is corporate bulk orders.


Forfeited Delivery

Delivery will be forfeited if there is no answer for more than 3 times or delivery will be forfeited if there is no show/answer after 5 minutes. Strongly suggest Customer to provide alternative contact number should he/she be unable to collect the items during the scheduled time of delivery.


**Goclean reserves the right to amend or change the FAQ/terms & conditions without prior notice**

Healthy Meal Package

1 meal/delivery

5 days (5 Meals) - RM118.00

20 days (20 Meals) - RM455.00

2 meals/delivery

5 days (10 Meals) - RM205.00

20 days (40 Meals) - RM799.00

We do have more different package. Kindly reach us at WHATSAPP.

*Price has included delivery charges*

There's an option for all package which is : 
A - Healthy Meals (450 ~ 550 calories)
B - Low Carbs Meals (390 ~ 440 calories)

Averagely each meal contains of 
35 grams +/- protein
40 grams +/- carbs
10 grams +/- fats
Average calories per meal : 400 ~ 500kcal

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Package FAQ

Can the meal carried forward if someday is absent?
Yes. You can modify the date. Do notify us 1 day in advanced.

Can we change our delivery address?
Yes. You can change your delivery address. Please notify us before 9am of delivery date.

Possible to choose menu?
Yupe, you can choose the meal from our daily menu. You can write your preferred meal into remark column or whatsapp us @ 0189189019 . Our direct whatsapp link : WHATSAPP

What is the usual delivery hour?
Our usual delivery hour is from 1045am - 1230pm. We will try our best to deliver the meal(s) to you before 1230pm. 

Can i top up orders to my/my friend's existing package? Is there any extra charges?
Yes, you can top up any menu on top of the package. The package pricehas included the delivery charge. Hence, no minimum order and extra delivery charge on it! Sharing is caring!

Package only for weekdays?
Yes. We are only avaviable on weekdays and weekend are off.

Kindly WHATSAPP us if you have any further inquiry :)
We are looking forward to serve you more.


**Goclean reserves the right to amend or change the FAQ/terms & conditions without prior notice**

Feedback from our customers



Goclean package is so convenient. Loving the way they surprise us. Ordered a 40 meals package and it always come with different menus! Keep it up guys!



The macros really suits me and it is tasty! It just makes my workout plan much easier with this calories count ! Big love <3



I having the package for the past 2 years. The menu never bored me and i really lose a lot of weight from these healthy meals. Will definitely introduce to friends.

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