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Meal Packages

On our website, we offer various packages to suit your convenience. Our packages include:

  • 5 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM125*

  • 10 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM219*

  • 15 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM319*

  • 20 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM339*

  • 25 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM489*

  • 30 meals with 5 delivery credits - RM575*

  • 20 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM480*

  • 40 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM849*

  • 60 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM1219*

  • 80 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM1569*

  • 100 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM1929*

  • 120 meals with 20 delivery credits - RM2279*

*Price has included delivery charges*​​

A la carte

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your own nutritionist, personal trainer, and professional chef to curate your meal plans?

GoClean makes that dream a reality by offering not only a healthy alternative but also portion-controlled meals to bring you closer to your fitness goals.

The way we prepare our meals :

Protein : We use quality protein sources such as chicken breast, salmon, dory, mahi-mahi, and mackerel. All the ingredients are excellent for boosting your metabolism and building muscle.

Carbs : As complex as it is! Complex carbs take much longer to break down than simple carbs. This helps keep blood sugar levels steady, provides sustained energy, and keeps you feeling full longer.

Fats : Good fats to fight bad fats in our body! They lower LDL and increase good HDL cholesterol. Additionally, they support optimal nerve, brain, and heart function, among other benefits.

Weight loss meals, diet meals, fat loss, meal package, food delivery package

We offer a wide variety of diet meals :

High Protein Menu : Delicious, protein-rich meals designed to

support muscle growth and recovery.


Weight Loss Menu : Tasty, calorie-controlled dishes tailored to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Poke Bowl Menu : Fresh, vibrant poke bowls, offering a healthy and satisfying light meal.


Balanced Nutrient Menu : Wholesome meals crafted to provide a perfect balance of essential nutrients.


Vegetarian Menu : Flavorful, plant-based meals packed with nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.


Keto Friendly Menu - Low-carb, high-fat dishes designed to keep you in ketosis and support your keto journey.

Feedback from our customers



Goclean package is so convenient. Loving the way they surprise us. Ordered a 40 meals package and it always come with different menus! Keep it up guys!



The macros really suits me and it is tasty! It just makes my workout plan much easier with this calories count ! Big love <3



I having the package for the past 2 years. The menu never bored me and i really lose a lot of weight from these healthy meals. Will definitely introduce to friends.


Working Day
Monday to Friday only (except for certain PH)

Order Cutoff
same day : 9.00am (Lunch) ; 1130am (Dinner)

Delivery Time
10.30am - 12.30pm (Lunch)
4.30pm - 7.00pm (Dinner)

Ala Carte
Min order RM20 (delivery charges RM3), free delivery for an order above RM60


Track Delivery
+60 18-918 9019 (Lunch)
+60 18-660 4861 (Dinner)

The Company will have no responsibility for, or be associated with, food prepared by the Company, which is retained by clients for consumption after 2 hours of food sending, or recommend customer to keep in refrigerator.

Is Goclean Halal?
Yes, We are Halal certified.

Dressing calories counted in the standard macro?
Our macro count based on the meals only. The sauce calories aren't included in the macro count.

Can special request the delivery time?
If you wish to deliver on a specific time, there will be an additional charge of RM10/trip (within 10km, exceed than 10km will based on lalamove charges). Please notify us before making the order.

What if the delivery late?
Delivery solely based on weather and traffic. Our rider will try to keep up the pace and deliver before the said time zone. We are sorry if slightly delayed due to lots of uncertainty.


How frequent to change the menu?
We change the menu every day

How to modify the order after submission?
Whatsapp us at 018-9189019 for the changes.

Can the meal last overnight?
GoClean meals are freshly prepared before the rider picks them up. We wouldn't suggest keeping them overnight. Please consume them within 2 hours after receiving them

How to customize the meal?
While we strive to accommodate special requests, we regret that we do not offer customization as a standard service. In cases of unintentional oversight, we apologize for any inconvenience and, unfortunately, do not provide compensation. Your understanding is appreciated.

Forfeited Delivery
The rider should text/call the customer when arrived, the maximum of 10 minutes waiting time before the rider place the food at the reception counter/ guardhouse/food is forfeited.
Strongly suggest Customer to provide alternative contact number should he/she be unable to collect the items during the scheduled time of delivery.

Yes, you may cancel an order before we have confirmed your order (a "Confirmed Order") or received a confirmation email, we will refund your payment after deducting 5% of processing fees (within 3-5 working days)
Cancellation is not allowed after we have confirmed your order, thanks!

*Goclean reserves the right to amend or change the FAQ/terms & conditions without prior notice*

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